Your Questions, Our Answers.

  • I Hear U is a project led by young people from all over Latin America that focuses on promoting, helping, and educating young people from diverse cultures, regions, and languages on mental health topics, ensuring that our users have complete control over their emotional and psychological well-being in an innovative, holistic, and, above all, human way.


  • Our objective is to provide comprehensive support to those who find themselves in difficult emotional situations through various education, counseling, and support services launched by the official team and allies of I Hear U.


  • In the final part of the “Home” tab, you will find a form to join the project as part of the professional support team. Once you fill it out and submit it, the team will review your application and, based on the selection process, you will be contacted as soon as possible via Gmail or another contact method.


  • The main activities that stand out within “I Hear U” are courses and workshops, individual and group therapies, and support services for anyone in need. Likewise, some events are held not only for our community but also for the general public outside of I Hear U.

All our activities, announcements, services, and events are conducted through our Discord server.

Currently, the I Hear U team generates content and provides services in Spanish and English.

  • Yes, we offer different membership plans, which have a wide variety of benefits, ranging from courses and therapies to live events and giveaways. You can find the fees on the “Home” tab. 

What Our Clients Say About I hear U?

“I Hear U's mental health counseling has been a game-changer. The convenience of online sessions makes seeking help easy and comfortable. Highly recommended!”

Lorry Melon

"I Hear U is a lifesaver! The therapists are compassionate and non-judgmental. They've helped me navigate depression and provided valuable coping strategies. I feel supported and heard through every session."

Steve Smith

"I Hear U's counseling service is fantastic. The psychologists are skilled and create a safe space for open discussions. The platform's resources have expanded my knowledge about mental health. It's a reliable resource for anyone seeking help and support."


"Thanks to I Hear U, I've made significant progress in my mental health journey. The psychologists are professional and caring, guiding me through my challenges with empathy. The platform is user-friendly, and I appreciate the privacy it offers."